Spiritual surgeons are people who use their psychotronic knowledge to heal the physical body by healing the spirit.Plastic spiritual surgeon is a person who heals the spirit through the physical body... by other means.

Plastic spiritual surgery is a completely separate psychotronic field, its activity is also very similar to plastic surgery.Only here you are beautifying towards the spiritual world. For now, it is only for the needy.

I am alone in the field I founded myself

Everything is decided in the mind and is determined by two things. What you know and believe about the world.

An hour's talk

It may go beyond an hour, it may end much sooner. We can sit opposite each other and even listen. But it is best to listen and wait for questions or topics to come up.In the magical world, it often happens that the things that seem the most insignificant are actually the most serious. In esotericism, you are dealing with yourself, in which you are the object of inquiry. Everything else is magic. That is, if you are not able to find the answers within yourself, then it is magical activity for another person. So if you sit down with me for a one-hour conversation, it can be for you a stage in your own esoteric journey, for me a magical activity, because I am not dealing with myself, I am dealing with you.I called my apartment a higher dimensional battle station for a decade. I had personal encounters with people in the meantime on whom beings of all intentions appeared. Heavily skewed in favor of beings with not so friendly intentions. I was simultaneously working in a trance to solve XD problems and fighting hand-to-hand battles in which my mind became more and more amazingly capable of affecting other minds. In addition to protecting the other person, it was also able to strike at the occupier. If we were sitting on, say, the terrace of a bar and in the eyes of an outside observer we were one of many, I could perform a slightly frontline mood psychic surgery because of the street environment.If we can actually meet, that's a big deal on your part. Regardless, it's something we should both be prepared for. This is a preparation programme template that you fill with content. It can be used for other things. You can jump to the holographic level by focusing your eyes behind the image.

Aura Styling

"You wouldn't believe what aura colors people can take to the streets"

I called it Aura Styling, because I can talk to both the Higher Self and the Angel, I can get them to take your personal aspects into account. They say that they shouldn't necessarily be restrained by such things, but they conditionally accept that without it, things are much less unpleasant for you. It is worthwhile, even when I have the time for it, because there will come a moment when I will have a big fit, I close this option. By that time a conscious network version of the same will be ready and updated on a mass scale. Before that, it will only be available here.Since this takes three days, which is no small thing in 3D-XD relation, it will certainly not be easy to implement. It could even work in a hotel with two adjacent rooms with internet connections so that we don't even have to talk in the same room. Just be within the necessary aura distance. I'm not so sure that a fitness weekend with lots of running is a good idea, but I like to experiment.If you have any good ideas about the location, and these three days qualify as an "adventure" for me, it could bring the price down considerably. Just as the opposite might increase it. You can have it at my place, but only VIP clients are allowed in my own workshop. Who, if they saw my place right now, would immediately classify it as an adventure. In any case, such an event is always preceded by an hour-long conversation, at the end of which you accept my possible negative answer just as you would expect me to do the opposite. Maybe you don't believe it because you do it instinctively, but it's not the first time in my life I've seen an anger-based curse attack.

Aura Tattoo

If I had to put it simply in the language of today's man and put it in the title for all to understand, I can say in two words what the masters really do. But I am not a master, I would rather call myself an artist. The expression of that art is in these tattoos. We can do it in a day.

"What takes up this one day and how does it go?"
"In each other's company. Meanwhile, your options run in alternate realities and that's how I know what to tattoo, what results they bring."
"But what do you tattoo?"
"It's like installing mandatory touch stations in a holoGPS that then gets started in your brain and its effects show up in your projection."
"What does that mean in other words?"
"Your life will change and you will definitely be where you need to be (want to be). Of course, only if you have fulfilled the necessary conditions to make these dreams come true. If you don't meet these conditions, you can go off the road, because you can choose not to listen to your GPS and take a different turn. The advantage of this is that you can press the imaginary "recalculate " button later on to navigate back if you change your mind."
"What else do these tattoos contain?"
"A guarantee of personal maturity. The tutorial program is added as a gift from the company."

I would like to point out that tattooing is painful but cool. Here, these pains are mainly in the emotional field, which have a strong positive impact on the development of the personality. I don't expect crowds, because people are used to having something they pay for and they pay for it without having to deal with it. You have taken home a model of your life, like an aeroplane model, which you then have to set up at home.

Holo GPS holoinstall

Aura Restart

The procedure takes a few minutes. After that, a period of about 3 years begins, in the middle of which the rebirth itself takes place. Before that, there is the preparation for an honourable departure from the old film of your life, then the realisation of your entry into the new film of your life. Since in this environment your initiations that you are not yet ripe for can only be used for Task, it may be time longer than 3 years because of the guarantee. In other words, you need to be part of this and be prepared to take the responsibility on your own shoulders.

"How is it done technically and why does it take so little time?"
"Technically, I only need to activate one code, which is why it takes so little time."
"How is the crossing done?"
"It will happen one morning in your bed when you wake up sometime in the middle of the process."
"What will the change look like?"
"You won't even notice. Then later you'll probably suspect that those few minutes are the reason for it all."
"The reason for what?"
"I don't know, because the scenarios are unique. They're just frames that you fill with content."

A very useful tip at the end. In practice, it will look like this: you hand me a stack of chips, I wave my fingers and we're done. The ruminations on this are understandable because of the lack of evidence, but they also demonstrate your attitude to money and your lack of faith. This is fueled by the mental burden of not feeling anything, but that may be the anesthesia. In fact, you won't see any sign of it for a long time. You will never be sure you didn't give some crook a lot of money for this. If you take a tip, take it as if you bet it in the casino and lost. A lot depends on the mind!